Many of us suffer from inactivity, exhaustion and, laziness, especially with the entry of the summer and, the season of exams and, psychological stress and, may be accompanied by frequent sleep or insomnia. There are several reasons for feeling lazy and, inactive.

Closed places and, non-exposure to air - the psychological situation like the loss of someone or waiting for something to happen - sitting long in front of tv or computer - malnutrition - or for organic causes such as anemia, some cancer, colon problems and, thyroid deficits.

How to get rid of inactivity and, laziness : 

If inactivity and, feeling tired continued for long you should consult your doctor, if you want a fast relief here are some tips to fight fatigue and, laziness:-

  1. Have enough sleep at night and, wake up early in the morning, especially at the time of dawn and, stay away from bed during the day, only a short time of napping is allowed.
  2. Change the daily routine and, the way of thinking about organizing time and, day-to-day work.
  3. The practice of sport is very important in the treatment of inactivity and, laziness.
  4. Have breakfast in the morning and, after sweets and, sugars and, fast food.
  5. Drink coffee or tea or cocoa in the morning and, avoid it in the evening.
  6. Drink more water to make sure that your fatigue is not caused by dehydration
  7. Make sure you eat proteins (Dairy, eggs, fish, chicken) and, iron (like meat and, liver) and, more vegetables and, fruits.
  8. Get out of the house or out of work and, walk, this may help you change the mood and, stimulate blood circulation.

Drinks as relief

Here are some drinks, herbs and, food that help to get rid of inactivity :
  • Orange juice or lime.
  • Milk sweetened by honey.
  • Black Chocolate is rich with iron and, magnesium.
  • fenugreek sweetened with honey.
  • Apples and, bananas.
  • Sardines are rich with iron and, omega that helps to activate the brain.
  • Sesame is rich in magnesium.
  • Onions and, parsley.